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Terry comes from a huge family: he's one of eight kids. His love for food began first as survival...someone had to feed all those hungry mouths! Survival eventually grew into a passion for cooking. After years of hard work and two successful Los Angeles restaurants, Terry relocated to his food and wine mecca, the Napa Valley. His work ethic is second to none. Not only does he create each and every dish on the menus at Fumé, he also operates a successful and ever-expanding catering business.

Terry has a large family of his own: five kids, with two still in elementary school. He spends as much time as he can with “his boys,” who are often seen swinging from the rafters in the dining room. Artistic talent is abundant in his family; he is married to local artist Sheri DeBow, whose sought-after artwork is internationally recognized.



Gardening, heading out to the coast, and trying new restaurants; brightly colored shoes, super-dry sauvignon blancs, and eyeliner that doesn't smudge after a
13-hour day. Those are things Chrissy loves...along with her husband, the infamous Pat Jeffries, dogs, Lumpy & Pancho, and the “cat-dog,” Rusty James.

Chrissy has been the GM at Fumé since 2011 and loves working and living in her home town of Napa. Her professional life has taken her to Los Angeles, where she was a retail manager, a public relations and marketing rep, and a shop owner. She has also lived all the way out in Michigan, where she worked in professional sports.... it's been a wild ride. One of Chrissy’s favorite things about Fumé is the “local” feel and takes pride in knowing that many of the regular customers think of Fumé as
their “home base.” It's so nice to LOVE where you work, and she is grateful that she is one of the lucky ones that does.



"Bubba," as Adam is affectionately known, has been keeping bars for more than 20 years, and he's been Napa's favorite bartender at Fumé since 2004! He comes from Oklahoma, and while working towards his sports medicine degree, he landed a job tending bar. His friendly personality and ability to do 200 things at once made him a natural!

Adam’s an AVID golfer, loves the Denver Broncos and OU Sooners, and has more sports knowledge in his brain than you can imagine....seriously, ask him anything. His friends and family are his pride and joy.



Kathe's restaurant career started at the early age of 15 when she started working at ABC Bakery here in Napa. She's done everything, including counter service, barista, deliveries, catering, hostess, serving, cocktailing, and tending bar. 16 years later and here she is, assistant manager at Fumé Bistro & Bar!

Fumé has a special place in Kathe's heart. In the years she has worked here she’s had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people. She loves that no one feels like a customer when they come through the door...just one big happy family!

When she’s away from the restaurant, Kathe enjoys spending her days with family, her husband Austin (also your weekend bartender here at Fumé), and their two awesome dogs,
Harper and Lady!




Austin is a Napa native with 18 years in the restaurant and hospitality industry. He has worked mainly in high-end restaurants up and down the coast, including bartending and managing Piatti in Santa Barbara for several years. He also tended bar for a year on the beach at the Malibu Beach Inn. Austin then moved back to Napa in 2008 and started working at Restaurant Cuvée, which lasted for five years. He spent the majority of that time as the bar manager before being promoted to general manager of the restaurant. For the past two years, he’s been a part of the Fumé team and could not be happier. He enjoys working in a neighborhood-friendly restaurant with great employees and great customers who all share a common appreciation of fantastic food.



4050 Byway East

Napa, CA 94558



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